Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass Fishing Report from Maryland: Nov 9 and 11th, 2007

Brandon with a schoolie Striped BassHi Gang

I headed out again on Sunday to try for some of the breaking fish action that we found on Friday. This trip I had friends who I used to work with at AOL, Tige and Fletcher. We do an annual trip together every November on the Chesapeake. Tige and Fletcher zipped over from DC and we met at Lowes in Easton at 7:30am. We loaded up their gear and headed to the Bellevue ramp to splash the boat and head out into the river/bay. We stopped at one pod of breaking fish in the river and caught a fish, but decided to head to the mouth where I had found fish on Friday. It was not long before the birds emerged and we found fish….everywhere. The charter boats were on them, but we were surprised by the courteous nature of everyone not running right on top of you when you hooked up.

We caught fish from about 8:20am until we headed out around 2:30pm so Tige and Fletcher could make it back to DC at a decent hour. The fish were on the smaller side compared to Friday, but having said that all we used were fly rods, so we were not getting down to the bottom to find the bigger fish that were showing up on the new Lowrance that I have.

The water in the bay was about 56.2 degrees. We caught striped bass and landed on bluefish, but saw a bunch of others in the swirling fish at the boat.

Tackle: all fly rods: Sage and Scott: 8 and 9 wts with intermediate and sinking Rio Lines. We literally only used a total of 3 flies all day, all my Blanco baitfish pattern on size 2/0 hooks.

Below are some pictures and here is a movie I made with some above the water and underwater footage I shot between Friday and Sunday. Be warned, the movie file is about 16mgs, so it could take a while to load depending on your connection. I had to make it a larger file so you could see the underwater footage of the baitfish, you can literally see the bait’s eyes. On the lower resolution version you could not see it and I wanted you to have the full experience. :yes:

More pictures here



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