Debuting Today for Virginia Anglers- “Angler Of Hampton Roads” Magazine on News Stands – Pick up a Copy

I was given a teaser preview of a new magazine that is debuting at news stands and select locations in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area today, Friday September 14, 2007. It caters to all fans of the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding bodies of water with articles relating to this area’s fishing and boating. Recreational salt water fishermen should look for the new FREE fishing magazine, as an insert, in the local Hampton Roads Daily Press newspaper.

I am told that the Daily Press is running this edition as a pilot and that they are looking for feedback. Send in your comments to Daily Press Feedback, email or call 757-675-5305 or post online Daily Press’ ‘fishing spot’. Your comments make all the difference and affect directly the continued publication of the ANGLER of Hampton Roads. Send comments to:,0,1137286.customform


Good fishing!


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