A Must Have Fishing Book for your Collection: So Many Fish, So Little Time

I recently finished reading a book I think all anglers should have in their fishing library, “So Many Fish, So Little Time by Mark D. Williams. The book is not only a great reference for the traveling angler, but also a great book to keep on your coffee table (although it’s not your typical thin coffee table book, it’s more like a mini phone book at over 800 pages, but I keep it on my coffee table anyway) to keep your fishing travel fantasies alive. The book contains reviews, details and suggestions on 1,001 of the world’s greatest freshwater and saltwater fishing destinations. It sparked some new destination interests for me such as brown trout fishing in Argentina as well as going back to the Seychelles to discover one island in particular I have not been, but will now go, Cosmoledo. If international destinations are not your forte, not to worry, the book covers enough destinations in the United States which will keep you busy for a lifetime between the fresh and saltwater destinations.

For each location Mark gives you a good overview on what species of fish you can expect to catch, an overview of the conditions you can expect and suggestions on lodges and guides along with referenced phone numbers and website addresses. Take what he gives you and do a little research on the web along with some posts on internet message boards and you will find yourself doing your own guided trips to these locations.

If you are looking for a really good fishing book to use a reference guide and also to spark some new fishing travel fantasies, pick up So Many Fish, So Little Time.

You can purchase this book on Amazon. It is currently listed for under $15 which I would consider a total steal. See below to purchase it
So Many Fish, So Little Time – Click Here to buy
Good reading!



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