Bahamas Tuna Fishing Report: July 24,2007

We left Palm Beach this morning around 10:30, got some live bait and headed to the Bahamas. We checked in with customs and headed out for some tuna around 4:30pm. After about an hour and fifteen minutes we found them on the radar and honed in. It was not long before to landed two smaller ones. We kept on looking and managed to find the bigger ones.
We got in around 8:30pm, cleaned the boat, fired up the grill, threw on some meat, cleaned the tuna, threw it on the grill. Whipped up some mashed potatoes, salad and some sauces for the tuna and had a good feast. We’re just winding down now and getting ready for tomorrow. Plan is to find some hogfish and then maybe some tuna again in the afternoon. We might stay on the hook for the night in which case I will not have any report, the next time we come back to port I will be sure to post.

Me landing a nice yellow fin tuna today with the help of Billy on the gaff

More pictures here


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