Snakehead and Bass Fishing Report from Little Hunting Creek: June 22, 2007

I got up at 4 o-dark-thirty am on Saturday morning to meet a friend, Derek R, to fish his home waters off the Potomac, Little Hunting Creek, in search of Snakeheads. Derek has been hunting Snakeheads in the river for a few years now. This species as many know, is an invasive species and many things are being done to eliminate them from the ecosystem. If we caught one we would keep it and turn it into the DNR, alive, so they could study them. Little is known about them and DNR is trying to understand more about them so they can stop them from spreading.

Derek has a real passion for snakeheads and has traveled to Asia to fish for them. In Asia they are native and locals search them out for the explosive strikes. It is said that snakeheads hit topwater plugs harder then any species out there. Derek showed me pictures from over in Asia of giant snakeheads he caught.

With the lore of the explosive strike we headed out from his house in search of them. We had not gotten 100 yards from his dock before we saw our first one. Unfortunately he saw us before we saw him and we could not get him to eat a lure. So we moved on in search of more. On my fifth cast I had a huge blast on my popper. I got it in and it wasn’t a snakehead but it was once heck of a nice Largemouth Bass.

We fished from about 6:30am to 1:30 Pm on the last two hours of outgoing and then the rest of the time on an incoming tide. We managed to see about three other snakeheads and had a few bites on plastic worms that Derke said were Snakeheads, but we were not able to land any. Regardless of the Snakehead skunk, we had spectacular largemouth bass fishing. I used a popper most of the day, but did do some plastic worm fishing which made me realize how much I miss that type of fishing.

Derek has a website if you want to check it out called Snakehead Pro. You can read all about Snakehead fishing.

Thanks Derek for a great day out on the water!

You can find pictures for this report here:



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